Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower

Flowers of Special Sauce are thick and coated in resin with flavors that are otherworldly. A coveted strain for both trimmed flower and full spectrum oil extraction. Testing on this flower showed beta-Caryophyllene makes of 15.4% of the terpene profile.

This terpene has been linked with aiding the effects of depression and anxiety. Flavor: Sweet and woody.

Effects: Uplifted mind, relaxed body, happiness. Contains: Cannabis Sativa hemp top flower. Top 3-4” of top on stem + hemp buds. When filling orders, Only the top 4” +/- is left on the stem. We remove all of the fan leaves and cut all the flowers off the bottom half of the stem, leaving just the top 4” +/- of flower on the stem.

1 Pound Minimum

$750 / Pound

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